Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Post

In ESL class, I got free project. Which mean, in this time I could know everything that I want to know. At the first time, Mr. Jabiz said, choose something I want to know. I was confused so I was make 3 lists of I like it. Number one was Nike shoses, Number two was Bag. The last one was Clothes. Finally I choose bag. I was interested about students school bag and how to make it. I talk with Mr. Jabiz about my project. He gave me a new document and it was UOI. I follow the instruction. And I enjoyed when I get new knowledge about the bag.

My knowledge post name is Lets Make a Great Bag For Students! I was put some picture of most popularlist bag and include the links of that sites to  post. When I make a links of bag site, I also survey my friends, I send the mail to them and get some answers of questions. The questions were "What is the brand name of your school bag? and "What do you like a brand of school bag? which are Nike ... etc" Finally I got many opinions. I found the website address from Internet.  I want to know people opinion about the school bag so I made a chart for survey. When I was make a chart, I thught only some people joined my survey but Mr. Jabiz send a letter to his friends and students of ESL. Many people joined my survey and answer questions detail. Finally I got nice result of survey and I made up the short video. The vidieo is in Comprehension and Application, two of post.

My comprehension post name is Explain Of Video And Comparing Of Two Bags. This post has my survey result of video and my design of two bags. The video has my face and I explain about the result. I take a photo of each chart and explain detail again. I drew 2 designs of bag. I compare two of them and I  include a character of Cow. It was cute and It was appeal to students. That bag also unisex so every students can using well and it is good balance for students.

My application post nam is All About My Design Bag!. I use Keynote, Imovie, Photobooth, Adobe Photoshop CS4 for help this post. This post has a short video about my design bag. I put some music and my voice for explain the picture. When I made this video it takes quite long time because It has to click one by one of the bag's property. It also need some text of explanaition. Fianlly I made it but I think it is not enough for understanding well and it's not makes people catch eyes.


My analysis post name is Poster & Materials of Students School Bag. I made a poster for advertising to people and it's about my design bag. I use Pages software of poster. It helped me for make poster easilly. I didn't spend lot of time for it. I also put the materials for make students school bags. This post has explanation about the mateirals and write my opinion why I use that materials to that parts. This is about my design of students school bag. Please enjoy to see this post and if you want to make a bag, I hope this post can help you.

Poster of School Bag

Now I will going to tell about the materials for make school bag for students. Usually we can see denim from pants. But I will use for underlay of bag. It will not rive easily and the color also similar with the design of bag.  If you want to buy the denim you can use this source. This source is for buy denim. When you choose the denim and paid, they will deliver that your denim to your house. Fabric is for point of cartoon character and polka dot. If you wants to edit more specially for your school bag, you can use various fabric and backstitch. Source. If you want to buy fabric this source will help. It is fabric shopping website. There has various fabric in there and you can choose and buy it. They will delivery to your house. 

Rualr and Pencil is for measure your bag. It will help for make perfect size of school bag. You can use any pencil and ruler. Scissor will help for cutting the fabric and denim. It shold be careful and if you are young, you need your parents and they should be helped you. Not only cut part, missing part also you will need adult. Chalk has many types. But you must use repair chalk for make a bag. It is for using fabric and denim. This material is for make a line in fabric and denim, it will need when you want to make some lines for design. When you finished make the bag. If you use that chalk, the bag will has some lines. But you don't need to worry about that. When you wash the bag, It will be disappear cleanly. 

When you close to finished your work, your product will similar with your own design of bag. Sewing machine will help sew. It can helped when you put the zippers to bag and backstitch. If you want to use this, I think you don't need to buy it. You can just go to Cleaner and get their help of sewing. But I will give a source for buy Sewing machine. This is the source. I'm sure you can trust this source because this source has many information about that website and many people use this website. Zipper will display on the pocket. It will help for close and open the pocket. When you display zipper to pocket. You just swing the zipper's outline with pocket's outline. And check it. If is not working or position of zipper and pocket is turn, no need to be worry about that. Just Cut the thread from pocket. You need some Cottons also. It will put in to hemp bags. It will protect students shoulder and it will also put in back of the bag.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All About My Design Bag!

This step is Application step. I used Imovie, Keynote, Photo booth and Adobe Photo shop CS4. These application from my Mac. My mac has many softwares. This Mac helped me to make this video easily. I think this movie will help people to understand of my bag. I hope, every students get a bag you need for that. Please enjoy this great video!  

Explain Of Video And Comparing Of Two Bags

My survey result was awesome. I made survey result charts in Keynote. That charts for show to people and put all of information to imovie. Imovie has my vodice and face for explan the result. This is my video. I believe this movie will help me for making school bag for students. It has many opinion of people. 21 of people joined my survey and they answer many questions. The questions were 9. I made a chart of result. So I can know about what kinds of bag people like it! I used this information and design some bags. Please enjoy it.

These are charts

What size of bag do you prefer?

This chart's question is 'What size of bag do you prefer?' Most people said, big bags are batter than small and medium size of bags. They write down their reason of 'why they like that size of bag' to my survey chart. It was really great, I got many variable reasons. So I think, I can make a good bag from this survey.

What do you look for buy a school bag?

 This chart's question is 'What do you look for buy a school bag?' Many people joined this survey and most people said, storage is the most parts of when buy a school bag. This chart has many tyeps of people opinion. I think, if I make a bag, I have to look this chart and consider for design, storage and comfort. 

Yes or No Questions
Most people said, the bag's design is important. and they like 1 straps than 2. They most like useful bags. I think the most important thing is, I have to keep ask to people and get information. 

I think I need to survey many time because I need to get some information of customer's opinion about choose a bag. This survey really really helped me for doing this project. If I can make a bag, I have to consider the people opinion. I wants to make a good bag for students so I use this survey result so I will insert the some zippers and make a enough storage for laptop or book. Make a 2 straps of bag and put some cushion to that straps for when students wear bag, it will protect their shoulder. And put some design of logo of mine and make not too big not too small of bag..   

These are my design of bags
For comparing
This bag is my bag, It has some zippers and it is for girl. And this is one of simple style bag. This size is midium and it can attract from girl students.

For comparing

This bag  is unisex. It has cute character of cow and black drops. The black drops helped back ground of bag. It is simple and it looks pretty. It can attract boys and girls. I think, if I made it and selling, It will very popular.

Thank you

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lets Make A Great Bag For Students!

In ESL class, Mr. Jabiz give us a project. It is a free project. It means, before I wanna learn something, this time I can learn about that. My project is about school bag. I want to know how to make a great students school bag. I have many step for how can I make a good school bag. First step, I will survey people about "How many people important the design of bag." Please take this survey for me now. This link has some question about school bag. I hope you guys help me from this link.
This is most popular of bags

These are Nike Bag!

Students School  Bag
Students School Bag

This list of bags and links

The Survey result was very fantastic because many people joined and answer that questions. 21 of people joined my survey, the questions were 9 and they all filled it. I made a chart of result. You can see here of explain of chart.

♥ Thank you ♥

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Edit the Inquirer

First time when I wrote the paragraph of "How can the animal can see the ghosts?", That time, I think I don' have any error in there but now, I can see what sentence has wrong vocabulary and grammar. Now I will show my video, what I edited the parts of inquirer paragraphs. I hope you guys enjoy this movie.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Adverbs Cartoon

I make adverbs cartoon on last week. This movie can make everyone can understand what is adverbs and they can know how to use adverbs easily. 

When I make this movie, my classmate friends recording the voice with me. That's why I make great cartoon. When I make this, I make cartoon in here. This is the website of Dvolver. This is good web site. We can make our own movie in this site. I finished make this, I use Garageband application. I have Mac, the Mac has this application. It can edit the sound and recording also. I recording with my friends. First time, I was shy because my teacher and friends looked me and I have to make a sound of the characters voice. But my friends also do it so I was can do it. When I record my voice to cartoon, the shot is so short but the talking is long so in that time, I was said same sentences many times. Finally I make cartoon about adverbs. I think it is for who doesn't know about adverbs. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reflection Of A day In My Life

I made the movie on February 16, 2011. The movie is about a day in my life, I put some of verbs to it.
First I take a photo of my bed, my car, a dining table, a TV and my bicycle. In this time, I can not take a photo of snap shot, I have to take a photo of photograph. When I take a photo of these, I was so tired because I have to change the position of the camera so I want to take a photo of these, my camera's image folder was full or the folder become half size. So I have to bluetooth to my mac. And take a photo of other things.
Second I used Iphoto program, this program can be use for cutting some of unused parts and can change the color of the picture. This programs has many application in a tool bar. I did change the color of the picture from Iphoto and effect. When I was change the color of the picture, my mac battery was low so the mac was turn off, I did charge it but the color is become regular. So I was start again.
Third I put the pictures in to the Imovie then I wrote verbs to text, I also put the music of I favorite song.
I did recording of my voice for explain of the verbs. Finally my Movie was finished.